Livelihood Experiences of Refugees Living in Türki̇ye – Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Programme (October 2022)

1 Findings from Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) indicate limited access to job opportunities, with the accessible ones being irregular and precarious. The most mentioned sectors in the FGDs are textile manufacturing and construction.카지노사이트

2 Social networks are observed to be a critical factor in access to employment; the most common method of finding employment is through acquiring information from social circles that consist mainly of refugees1 which include friends and acquaintances.

3 Employed individuals frequently change jobs and it is mainly related to low wages. The frequency of job changing can be seen as manifestation of impacts of employment under irregular and precarious conditions.

4 Among factors affecting employment related to context, such as policy structure, the most discussed issues are discrimination, not being able to obtain a work permit and related legal procedures, traditional gender roles, and the inability to provide diploma equivalency. Language barrier and advanced age are the most prominent factors related to individual profiles.바카라사이트

5 Most participants indicated that informal work is not a matter of preference but an obligation despite all disadvantages entailing such employment. When participants listed their reasons behind informal employment, the leading ones include employers being reluctant to acquire work permit, economic hardships households experience, and concerns about losing the ESSN coverage since ESSN assistance operates as a reliable economic support mechanism. When it comes to challenges at the workplace, participants referred to underpayment, no payment at all, irregular payment, and lack of job security. They also shared that such difficulties of informal employment can be overcome by formal employment where they can also benefit from fringe benefits as an additional advantage.

6 According to some participants, having a residence permit increases the likelihood of one to be hired, as well as expediting the whole employment process.

7 Regarding their future career plans, majority of participants mentioned that they would like to start their own business provided that work-related challenges are completely or partially eliminated.온라인카지노

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