“It is crucial that terrorists be brought to justice and that victims be compensated.”

I would like to thank the United Arab Emirates and Kenya for organizing this meeting.카지노사이트

This is an essential meeting. As you know, France has been the victim of terrorism several times on its territory.

I believe that this is the case for most of the countries present here today: the United Arab Emirates and Kenya in particular.

And I would like to pay tribute to the victims of terrorism. We listened to the harrowing testimony of Mrs. Rose Gichure and I send her our tributes.

The denial of humanity that terrorism represents and the suffering endured by the victims require a firm and collective response.

To that end, a military response is necessary, but, as many of us have said, it must be part of a global approach to address the root causes of terrorism.

And among these, there are socio-economic causes, and also governance issues, and sometimes inter-community tensions, which are exploited by terrorist groups.

The fight against terrorism cannot be successful if it is not carried out with full respect for human rights and international humanitarian law.

Therefore, on the basis of these principles, we can respond precisely to the new methods employed by terrorist groups that we have discussed today.

There are drones, and that is a subject that needs to be addressed. There is also, and we have been working on this for a long time, the use of new technologies, in particular Internet.

We must fight against propaganda and the dissemination of terrorist content online. France has just passed a law that allows the removal of terrorist content within one hour after a cross-border removal order is issued.

This is the transposition of a European regulation, so it is a collective endeavor of the entire European Union.

At the international level, we have also launched in 2019with New Zealand the Christchurch Appeal which aims to tackle terrorist and extremist content online.

Today more than 55 States have joined this Appeal but also the European Commission, two international organizations, companies, members of civil society.

And during the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, there will be a large follow-up event to this initiative.

I would also like to mention the “No Money for Terror” initiative and Resolution 2462 on the fight against the financing of terrorism, which must be implemented.바카라사이트

Another key area, which has been mentioned by many of us, is to strengthen the capabilities of countries exposed to the terrorist threat, especially those on the African continent, which are subject to the activities of Al Qaeda and Daech affiliates.

France’s approach is to take action at the request of these countries, by identifying common political objectives and supporting civilian populations in conjunction with our partners, in particular the European Union.

Here are a few examples: in West Africa, we are supporting the International Academy for Combating Terrorism, which we have created with our partners in Côte d’Ivoire near Abidjan; in the Democratic Republic of Congo, France will support the Office for Combating Terrorism to strengthen the capacity of the Congolese authorities.

In Somalia, the European Union has supported the African Union force in Somalia since its creation. The necessary reconfiguration of this mission into ATMIS will allow us to continue to support the Somali forces against Al Shabab.

Finally, a word about the victims of terrorism. We must never forget them. And to do this, we need to strengthen the fight against impunity.

It is crucial that terrorists be brought to justice and that victims be compensated. And we will be involved in the next World Congress of Victims of Terrorism which will take place on September 8 and 9 in New York.

Thank you.온라인카지노

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